Caos Group


Data InNovation

Indico is a data centric technology company. We develop marketing solutions based on client profiling and human behaviors. Resulting in more personalized and effective campaigns.

Data Driven Creativity

Left a full service agency. We use our expertises in advertising, data and technology to create beautiful, integrated and data driven campaigns.



Development of personalized loyalty programs from planning to implementation.


Extraordinary Experiences

Waba combines creativity and technology to bring life to memorable brand experiences. We are specialists in immersive narratives, game and gamification and experiences in augmented, virtual and mixed reality.


Caos Garage is a Hub for acceleration of Digital Transformation projects based on Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things and BlockChain, driven by the cloud.

Growing Artificial Intelligence Algorithm [startup]

G.AI.A is a marketing platform that creates personalized and targeted campaigns using Artificial Intelligence and advanced Machine Learning algorithms.

wifi sharing[startup]

Djool is a peer to peer app for Wifi sharing.


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